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The majority of the organizations we fund support food security for individuals and families, and mental health in the St. Catharines region. As we well know, the past year has been a roller-coaster for everyone, but for the people served by these organizations it has been especially challenging: demand on food banks, mental health services and other 'safety nets' has greatly increased (examples of organizations we fund). Also, fundraising suddenly became much more challenging, and The May Court Club and other funders have been unable to hold the events which are traditionally the most important element in our fundraising activities. We are working hard to realign our efforts to meet the new circumstances. In the meantime, your support through direct donations to the club are the most effective way to contribute to our work.

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Your generosity is greatly appreciated, and your donation will be put to the best possible use. 

Thank you.

Joyce Babcock
President, MCCSC

COVID-19 PROVISIONS At the moment, many of the Club's regular programs and activities are on hold. During this time, the club is still active, and we're developing ways to continue our fundraising and social activities within the constraints imposed by the pandemic. Follow us on Facebook  and Instagram to keep up to date.

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