Fundraising is a central part of the May Court Club's activities, and we're proud to have been a member of the volunteer fundraising community in Niagara since 1935. Today, more than eighty years later, it's still true that many vital projects and programs in the region depend on access to funding raised by volunteer organizations focused on local needs.

Over the years, the Club has raised funds for 175 causes that support women and children, especially in the areas of mentalhealth and nutrition. Sometimes, funding is needed for just one year, but the Club has regularly contributed much-needed funding to specific causes over many years. At times, the Club has successfully partnered with other local fundraising groups to maximize the impact we can have on major community initiatives.

The Club has two major fundraising events each year. In 2019 these events are:

Both events are initiated, organized and delivered by May Court members whose efforts are fully rewarded when the money raised is distributed in grant form to community programs. The Club also gratefully acknowledges the importance of event participants, sponsors, donors, business participants, volunteers and MCC Friends: our events thrive thanks to their support, contributions and enthusiasm.

Our third major fundraiser is through the Club's accreditation as a recipient of funds raised through bingo at St. Catharines Delta Bingo. As a condition of receiving a portion of the bingo disbursement,  the Club provides volunteers on a twice-monthly basis to assist in light duties at bingo sessions.

The Club welcomes women who want to help us raise money either as a Club member or simply as a Friend. We also welcome men and students as volunteers for our fundraising events.


In 2018, the May Court Club distributed over $40,000 to more than twenty organizations in Niagara serving women and children, health and nutrition. 

A May Court Club fundraising event committee meeting preparing for our major annual event

Members enjoy a fun-raiser social plus auction of 'new-to-you' items, which adds funds to our yearly disbursement to the community.