During the first few months of each year, the May Court Club of St. Catharines distributes the funds the Club raised during the previous year. Donations are made to non-profit organizations in the greater St. Catharines (Ontario) region supporting women and children. 

Requests for donations are received each year prior to the end of business on February 1. To check whether you may qualify, download our funding criteria.


MCCSC is especially – but not exclusively - interested in applications that fund mental health and nutrition issues. Donations to any organizations generally range between $500 and $2500. View which organizations received MCCSC funding in 2021.

Once the applications are received, a committee of the Club reviews all submissions in terms of relevance to our mission and current funding priorities.

Those that meet Club criteria are then assessed more closely and a recommendation is made to a membership meeting of the Club. Donations agreed by a general vote at a club membership meeting are distributed to the successful applicants prior to June 30 each year.

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The May Court Club's annual donations are funded solely from money raised by the Club during the previous calendar year.

We depend entirely on members' and volunteers' enthusiasm, the generosity of sponsors and donors and the participation of individuals in our various fundraising activities.