On Sunday April 8, over 200 women attended Ladies Who Lunch and Shop 2018 at the Holiday Inn & Suites, St. Catharines. Thirty vendors were on site for the three-hour event which included a buffet lunch, a silent auction and penny raffle. Fashion, jewellery, cooking aids, cosmetics, artwork, and chocolate were among the choices laid before our guests by the thirty artisanal and distinctive vendors attending the event.

The May Court Club of St. Catharines thanks all our guests for attending and giving the event such a great buzz. We’d also like to thank our sponsor Cooper Wealth Management, our volunteers from the DSBN and Friends of May Court who gave their time and effort so willingly, and all donors to the silent auction and penny raffle.

Finally, many thanks to Leslie, Mary and Elaine, and the MCCSC event committee for all their tremendous work to make the day another success for our club – and for those who’ll benefit from the funds we raised.


Early in February, May Courters braved the weather to enjoy gourmet soups, delicious appetizers and desserts, but most of all to bid, buy and fundraise at MCCSC's third 'regifting' auction. Bags and bling, and bags of bling, cocktail glasses (plus suggested contents), dressy and casual accessories, books, decor and more were placed under the hammer. Successful bids ranged from $5 to $50 (you should've seen those purses - fabulous bargains!). Over $580 was raised for MCCSC's mission to support women and children in need in our communties. And all we had to do was bring an appetizer, a couple of items for the auction and a few dollars, and join in the fun. We even had an impromptu wildlife show from our host's backyard feeders. For a snowy February Monday, you couldn't get much better.


Friday November 17 was the date we kicked off one of our major annual fundraisers, A Christmas to Rememberwhich raises thousands of dollars every year for women and children, health and nutrition in the Niagara region. Our lead photo shows our guests of honour at the tree lighting, Councillors Sandie Bellows (L) and Sal Sorrento (3rd L), and Town Crier Mark Molnar (R) being welcomed by the MCCSC project lead, Leslie Boldt.

At 7:00 p.m. on the dot, the Town Crier rang his bell loud and clear through the Mall. Then he gave the Crier's traditional opening - Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! - before making his proclamation opening the 31st May Court Club's A Christmas to Remember. The Wheatley School Choir then performed a selection of seasonal songs, and the display was officially lighted to enthusiastic applause. 

A Christmas to Remember took place in Fairview Mall, St. Catharines over a three week period, raising over $7,400 in ticket sales until Friday December 8 (4:00 p.m.). Visitors enjoyed the display, and purchased raffle tickets for the draw to win one of the tempting items on display, which included gift certificates for a helicopter ride, restaurants and other special treats, as well as the trees, traditional seasonal decor, and delightful toys for children.

Our thanks go to Councillors Bellows and Sorrento, Town Crier Mark Molner, the Choir of Wheatley School, Fairview Mall St. Catharines, and all our fabulous donors and sponsors who all contributed so generously to the success of A Christmas to Remember. Thanks also to May Courters and Friends of May Court who gave freely of their time during the preceding week to set up the display and staffed the display during the three weeks of ticket-selling.


 Our October general meeting took place at Pathstone Mental Health's new home at Branscombe Mental Health Centre in St. Catharines. The new building was opened earlier this year, in part funded by many philanthropists and philanthropic groups in the city. Pathstone volunteer and MCC member Darla M. gave us an insider's tour, describing Pathstone's services and programs and highlighting the new capacity and functionality of their new premises. MCCSC is proud to be a supporter of Pathstone's mental health services to children and youth. Thank you Pathstone and Darla for making our visit possible (and to Elma, as always, for the photos).

Thank you Kim Rossi, Director of Philanthropy at Pathstone Mental Health, for taking time to talk to us. Kim was just six days into her job, but gave us a great introduction to Pathstone and its plans for the future.

We also welcomed the president of the Association of May Court Clubs of Canada, Alicia ,and Milka who is this year's AMCCC Treasurer/Secretary. Our third guests were Maddie and Deanne, the President and VP of the Brock University Beta Chapter of the Alpha Pi Phi Sorority. The sorority is interested in building a close relationship with the MCCSC, and we're proud to work with Alpha Pi Phi to extend volunteer service to more women of all ages in St. Catharines. It was a pleasure to meet the representatives of such enthusiastic and dedicated young women.


Also in October, May Courters raised funds while shopping (a popular theme with us). Shannon Passero, owner of 'The Post Office' store in Thorold, generously invited us to a two hour shopping treat during which she offered us discounts on our purchases, and also donated 10% of the takings to our charity fundraising. Thanks to everyone who came to this very special event and to Shannon for being such a fine supporter of the May Court Club's fundraising aims, and a great entrepreneur in our local business community.


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